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Connect effortlessly with the women you want to meet without having to become someone you are not.

A P P L Y    N O W

Meet The Women You Really Want – Whenever, Wherever

How many times has this happened to you?

A gorgeous woman sits at the table next to you at a coffee shop. You’re dying to talk to her, but…

Your heart is pounding. Your mind is racing. And those voices of doubt creep in.

“What if she rejects me?” “I don’t know what to say.” “I don’t want to bother her or creep her out.”

You know you’d do anything to meet her, but no matter how hard you try — you can’t push through your fears.


So you miss out on another romantic opportunity and you’re left with the agony of regret instead.  

You know something needs to change. But maybe you’re hesitant because you think that means becoming someone you’re not. Pick-up artists, blogs, and well-meaning friends tell you that you have to become some Don Juan or an arrogant asshole.  

But that couldn’t be further from the truth.  

To meet and attract the women you want, you just have to connect deeply with your inner masculine strength.  

Conquer Confidence is a transformative 4-day retreat for men that teaches you to develop real confidence without sacrificing your integrity.

With Nick Notas, Kristina Kirilova and Julian Reisinger coaching you in an immersive environment, you’ll rapidly build your self-esteem and interpersonal skills. You’ll become a high-value man that people respect and desire.  

You’ll begin to see that anything is possible.

You Can’t Be Happy And Attractive When You’re Desperate

Your happiness is dependent on the connections you have with yourself and others.  

Every time your fears stop you from talking to that girl at the coffee shop, you sabotage your future self. You end up missing out on countless romantic opportunities.  

Every time your date doesn’t turn intimate, you beat yourself up and carry around that pain of regret. You’re left feeling rejected and undesirable.  

Every time you see a couple walk down the street, you feel like a loser. To you, it seems like everyone else is happy while you’re always overlooked by women.  

All these experiences make you feel like you’re not good enough and you never will be.  

When you can’t break this negative cycle, you often end up isolated and lonely. Your need for intimate connection doesn’t just go away — it endlessly eats at you.  

Daily life feels empty and full of suffering. Even if you eventually decide to settle for someone, you know deep down that they’re not who you’re really looking for.  

This will never lead to a life that makes you happy.

You’ve Been Given The Wrong Advice Your Whole Life

We know all this isn’t easy. No one teaches us these skills growing up and we’re often given advice that makes things worse.  

Your parents told you to just be a gentleman. Your friends said to just “be yourself”. The world said to focus on your education and career because that would make you a highly desirable man.  

None of that shit works.  

We’re sure you’ve had gorgeous women say how you’re “such a nice guy” and put you in the friend zone. Or you’ve actually dated a girl you cared about, only to have her break things off and leave you crushed.  

We know how devastating and hopeless this makes you feel. That’s exactly why we got into self-improvement and started our coaching businesses.

The Beginning Of A New You

The truth is, it is possible for you to have success with women on a level that most men will never experience.  

We call this highest form of mastery in dating ‘true choice’. It is the ability to choose a partner from an abundance of high-quality options, as opposed to hoping for a miracle and settling for who you end up with.  

Our team will teach you how to develop true choice with the women you find attractive.

With coaching from expert instructors and other guys who share the same goals, you’ll run through interactive exercises that will completely change the way you view yourself and communicate with women.  

Using a mix of theory and real-world social practice, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of how to build genuine emotional and intimate connections.  

You’ll begin to see that anything is possible. And you will embrace the authentic leader within you who knows what he’s worth.

A P P L Y   N O W

Conquer Confidence totally changed how I approach everything in life. I’ve found myself doing things in just the last few months that I never would have in a million years had the gumption to take on. My social life, romantic life and business have changed radically, and I can say without a doubt that the retreat was totally worth every cent.


You’ve Been Given The Wrong Advice Your Whole Life

We know all this isn’t easy. No one teaches us these skills growing up and we’re often given advice that makes things worse.  

Your parents told you to just be a gentleman. Your friends said to just “be yourself”. The world said to focus on your education and career because that would make you a highly desirable man.  

None of that shit works.  

We’re sure you’ve had gorgeous women say how you’re “such a nice guy” and put you in the friend zone. Or you’ve actually dated a girl you cared about, only to have her break things off and leave you crushed.  

We know how devastating and hopeless this makes you feel. That’s exactly why we got into self-improvement and started our coaching businesses.

Our Past Clients Have Reinvented Themselves And Their Relationships

The men who’ve attended our retreats have had unbelievable experiences and transformations. They’ve accomplished things we could have never envisioned.

One former member is engaged to someone he met during our Mallorca retreat. Another guy had to rebook his flights home from Barcelona because he met a girl and stayed extra days with her.  

Other men gained the courage to quit their jobs and open their own thriving businesses or pursue more rewarding work.

A recent attendee works for a Fortune 500 company and struck up a 30-minute convo with the CEO at a work event. He set the groundwork to build a personal relationship with him.


And of course, after every retreat, the guys are effortlessly meeting women everywhere. They’re constantly sharing victory stories over Whatsapp of women they met in their daily lives.  

These men actually enjoy online dating because they get countless dates with Sarah’s (our photographer) pictures. We’ve had multiple guys tell me they had to stop swiping on apps because they had more dates than they could handle!

A P P L Y   N O W

What the Retreat Is Like

The Retreat Team


Nick Notas

Nick has been a world-renowned dating and confidence coach for over 11 years. He’s worked with thousands of men to help them become more social, confident, and create lasting relationships with the women they desire.  

Through 10,000 real-world interactions, Nick is a master at breaking down the psychology behind genuine confidence and has developed a practical system for anyone to use. He shows men how to express their best selves authentically, without being fake…and while having fun, too.  

Along with Julian and Krissi, Nick has hosted hands-on confidence retreats across the globe. These men applied the advice in this course to the real-world and have experienced life-changing success. 


Kristina Kirilova & Julian Reisinger

Julian and Kristina are the founder couple behind Love Life Solved. They help men become successful with women in the most authentic ways possible.  

Julian struggled romantically for most of his life, overcame it with the help of coaching and self-development, and spent years working in the dating advice industry.  

As an attractive woman who got approached constantly, Kristina grew increasingly frustrated that the men with the biggest hearts were struggling to connect with women.  

After meeting Julian and seeing proof that a good guy could be attractive, Kristina’s passion was awakened. She delved deep into anything related to male dating advice and was horrified by how bad and ineffective most of it was.  

Together, they figured out how to make intelligent guys with integrity excel in their social lives just as much as they excelled in their careers. 


Sarah Katharina

Sarah Katharina is our go-to photographer when it comes to retreats. She takes amazing photos, makes you feel super comfortable during photo shoots, and she is a blast to be around.  

Moreover, she is frank, direct, and never shy to give her female opinion on anything related to women, dating, and sexuality.

Everything we teach is women-approved

We often get asked if the course can help everyone.  

We’ve coached hundreds of men and the only ones who haven’t found consistent success are those who accept their limiting beliefs as truth.  

It's normal to have occasional setbacks throughout any change process. Some men, however, use any challenge as an excuse to convince themselves they can't do it.  

We have heard it all...  

  • "I don't have the time."
  • "I don't want to become a fake, social guy."
  • "I’m not good-looking enough."
  • "Only guys with serious problems need stuff like this."
  • “This is too hard.”
  • "This doesn't work with the women in my area."

All of these excuses don't get you anywhere but right back into your rabbit hole of resentment.  

We’ve worked with rich guys, poor guys, men of all sizes and races, young guys, and guys with grandkids. We’ve coached men in cities around the world and have started conversations with locals and tourists alike.

Our advice doesn't just come from two dudes promising you romantic success. Everything we teach has been co-created by Kristina and workshopped with countless women. EVERYTHING we teach is 100% Women-Approved.  

The results are conclusive…  

This method works for everyone who is ready to ditch the excuses and take control of their own reality. Conquer Confidence gives easy, effective advice that makes it possible for everyone to succeed. 

What You'll Learn

Inner Confidence

  • Understand how women think so you can connect with them on an emotional level
  • Stop caring so much about what others think
  • Build unshakable confidence that shows in your behavior and body language
  • Discover what makes you uniquely attractive and amplify it  

Romantic Abilities

  • Overcome anxiety to start conversations about subjects that captivate both of you
  • Flirt naturally and create powerful sexual attraction
  • Recognize the subtle signals women use to show interest
  • Optimize your online dating profiles and stand out from the masses
  • Quickly write interesting texts that get women excited to come out on dates
  • Develop long-lasting relationships built on trust and respect  

Social Skills

  • Know exactly what to say in any social situation without memorized lines
  • Express your most charismatic personality through storytelling, passion, and great questions
  • Effortlessly connect small talk to deep topics 
  • Captivate people with engaging emotional stories


"It really surprised me just how amazingly connected you feel to a group of people who start out as total strangers and how much that teaches you about other people and about relationships."

- C H R I S D. Alumnus, Conquer Confidence Dublin

At Conquer Confidence, all the clients share a house or appartment, which makes the experience so unique. The shared space is the difference between you guys becoming acquaintances or lifelong friends.


Depending on availability, you may share a bedroom (two separate single beds in one bedroom) with another attendee.

What’s the price of the retreat?

The cost for the event is USD 8,000 in total. The total amount is split into two payments.

The first payment is a non-refundable retainer to secure your spot at the retreat. The remaining balance will be due 30 days before the retreat.

The retreat is a significant investment but it’s impossible to put a price on certain things.

  • How much is being perceived as an attractive and charismatic man by the women you like worth?
  • How much is finding a partner for life worth?
  • How much is feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin worth?
  • How much are true friends for life worth?  

We can’t accurately measure these things, but to the men who attend Conquer Confidence, they are priceless.  

High achieving individuals know that they can always earn more money, but they only have one chance to live their life to the fullest.  

To them, an investment in themselves always yields the highest returns. And these returns aren’t numbers on a computer screen, they are unforgettable dates with gorgeous women, deep friendships, and unshakable self-confidence.

Heartfelt Testimonials From Past Retreats


Our practice sessions were unbelievably helpful as not only did Krisi's attractive presence prove to replicate the anxiety levels in real life approaches amazingly well, but her insights into areas for improvement were so very useful.



After this retreat, everything feels more natural, almost easy. It taught me that meeting people shouldn't be a challenge and actually after Conquer Confidence it isn't.



My trip to Mallorca with Nick, Julian and Kristina was one of the best experiences of my life. 

Our crew were some of the most honestly genuine and badass people I’ve ever met and the fun that we had can’t be measured.

I learned so many things and my confidence with women after my divorce skyrocketed.

The magic of this trip didnt stop there, as I met the most amazing, passionate, confident, fiery and wild Spanish woman during the trip. She is now my girlfriend and my life has entirely changed for the better. Every day is now filled with intrigue, passion and creativity. (wink wink)

This is my time and my story is unfolding in ways that I never could have imagined, and it’s all thanks to this amazing experience that Nick, Julian and Krisi created.


What's Included?


In-Person Small Group Coaching With Nick, Kristina, and Julian 

Get tailored advice, roleplay, and real world practice meeting people (day & night).

Individual Calls With Nick Notas & Kristina Kirilova

 We’ll work to understand your needs and goals before the retreat to prepare the best coaching experience. After, we’ll provide feedback on what you’re doing well, where to improve, and design a game plan moving forward.

Accommodations In A Comfortable Home With Other Retreat Clients

 We’ll provide an awesome space to connect with like-minded men and create lifelong friendships.

Professional Photos + Online Dating Profile Optimization

 Our world-class photographer, Sarah Katharina, will take and edit incredible photos for you. We’ll choose your most attractive photos and position them to get the best results possible from online dating or social media.

HD Video Recordings of the Core Coaching Sessions

 Watch or listen to high-quality recordings of our work together whenever you want. You can reference the advice to support you on your continued self-improvement journey.

Follow-Up Group Calls With Other Retreat Clients And Your Coaches

 Receive ongoing accountability and support, get your questions answered, learn new theory, and keep building stronger mindsets and habits.


Upcoming Online Course “Women-Approved Introductions: The Creepy-Free Method To Meeting Women”

Meet women the way they like, while doing the things you love – even as an introvert. Release ETA: Q3 2019

Access To Exclusive Member's Lounge With Our Executive Clients

 In the member's lounge, clients hold each other accountable, get help with online profiles and photos, share stories, organize reunions, and much more.

Monthly Member's Lounge Group Call

 Network with other successful men, build a stronger social circle, and discuss ways to improve your personal development.



 You get to the retreat house and we'll take it from there.


You have to buy your own insurance.


Such as shopping, additional meals and drinks...


Everything was set: the environment, the people – carefully selected people.



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